Home buying services for buyers

As a real estate leader of Lamorinda, Village Associates holds the key to success for finding and buying your new home. As your agent, we will guide you through every step of the way. Our first step is listening to what you are looking for in a home in order to set the parameters to begin our search.

How we help you find and purchase the right house

While every home purchase process is unique, there are a few consistent steps we take to ensure you are getting the home you want.

  • Home Selection Profile

    Together we will create a home selection profile that captures all of the variables of what you want in a home: price range, neighborhood, size, amenities, etc.

  • Begin The Search

    Using our advanced property search, as well as our extensive personal networks and knowledge of the area, we will deliver all of the homes that fit your criteria.

  • Review Choices

    Explore the portfolio of homes and review the websites, online tours and historical paperwork to determine your top choice.

  • Visit and Select

    We will make arrangements to visit your top selections. You can walkthrough the home alone or we can join you and lend our expertise as we visit.

  • Closing Costs

    Every transaction brings different costs to different buyers. It is important that you review these costs/fees in the very beginning. Your mortgage broker will break these costs down for you.

    • Lender fees include origination charges, appraisal, processing, underwriting, home owner insurance
    • Title charges include lender and owner title insurance, escrow fees
    • Government recording charges, taxes
    • Other settlement charges may include home warranty, home owner association charges, inspections